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Open a multi-currency account with The Kingdom Bank. We’re here to support all for your payment-related needs, with guaranteed security & constancy.

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We're a full reserve bank so 100% of your funds are kept in the bank with the perfect blend of banking, technology experience.

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The Kingdom Bank is fully regulated by The Financial Services Unit (FSU). We onboard clients from a wide array of business sectors including, MSBs, Forex, Crypto.


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We are an international partner of global payment providers. We offer local clearing services in more than 80 countries.

Issuing dedicated International EURO bank accounts for companies, banks, financial institutions, payment institutions and regulated & licensed FinTech companies globally.

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The Kingdom Bank Corporation is licensed and authorised by the Financial Services Unit, Ministry of Finance of the Commonwealth of Dominica, licensed as a banking institution under the Offshore Banking Act, fully authorised to provide services to clients worldwide, except for Commonwealth of Dominica citizens and residents, under the prudential supervision of the Financial Services Unit. The Kingdom Bank Corporation is registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Company Number 3159, with its registered address on 1st Floor 43 Great George Street, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, Post Code: 00109-8000. The Kingdom Bank Corporation is a member of Swift™, Swift Code: KICPDMD2 and LEI Code: 894500N4DISL2NEIR756. FATCA GIIN: UM162U.99999.SL.212. The Kingdom Bank is ISO 27001 certified.The Kingdom Bank Corporation is PCI DSS compliant.