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Welcome to the future! To a future in which cryptocurrencies are highly accepted just like any fiat currency, mineral or stock. Since the mighty Bitcoin penetrated our lives in 2008, our aspect of finances has evolved into something more limitless and open-minded. Despite the hobble financial system of the last century, the philosophy behind crypto rejects any regulatory authorities or intermediaries.
The Blockchain stands for decentralisation, libertarianism and reformism. Resistance against the slavery of the monopolised dictatorship imposing the traditional financial ecosystem. A revolutionary attempt for an equal environment. However, the biggest default of humankind, the great fear against the unknown, popped out from nowhere and "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" authored by Satoshi Nakamoto has become the target of cruel critics of conservatives. But the rise was irresistible and independent finance became one of the most popular ways to invest through the years. Moreover, surprisingly, the superior authorities who anathematized the cryptos back then have become the most prominent digital asset enthusiasts.

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Although it all started to show that another path is possible, people have embraced cryptocurrencies in a blink of an eye. Several reasons can be counted to state why, yet the most significant is the ease of transfer. Unlike fiat currencies, these digital assets can be sent and received invisibly through cryptocurrency accounts. To be out of sight in a system in which the authorities monitor every step closely is miraculous. Thus, it is not difficult to understand why the governments took a step back when the subject was the regulations. How can you document something that you can not follow? The fixed point of cryptocurrencies was evolving more than a simple commodity.
In a decade after the birth of Might Bitcoin, a myriad of cryptocurrencies were released. Whereas most of them symbolise the cutting-edge technology of the developer, some of them were created as commodities to stabilise the balance between fiat currencies and crypto coins. Whether it was a product of an innovative project or another purpose, the speculative nature and high volatility brought these assets into a market with depreciation and appreciation called bubbles and busts. You may assume that cryptocurrencies are far from a wise investment, but you are mistaken. The risk is an opportunity! The unpredictable waves in the cost of crypto coins shaped a sector of craving investors for takeover arbitrage. The accusers claiming Bitcoin was a Ponzi scheme once became the most passionate crypto traders. A new world was triggered, and there was no turnaround.

The enormous demand to possess and trade these magical assets led to a comprehensive search on keeping cryptocurrencies secure and hidden from malicious leaks. This was when crypto bank accounts stepped forward as functional, safe and reliable ways to store and transfer.
Moreover, these accounts are neither pianissimo nor pricey compared to traditional banking systems. No matter whether you sell blown glasses in a small atelier in Murano, mastic products in Chios Island or an exporter of organic yarn dye-works in China, adoption of a crypto account can be a real game-changer for your precious business. Considering the expansion of usage as a next-gen monetary system, significantly reducing your money transfer expenses and the charming speed of transactions, to be a crypto-friendly business comes with limitless advantages.

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We have established Kingdom Bank as a trustworthy bridge for B2B, B2C, and C2B payments. We are fully aware of the importance of reliability, functionality and timeliness. Creating a next-generation digital banking role model, Kingdom Bank knows every business is unique and serves tailor-made solutions to support them to step further. Our professional inner circle sees the ongoing change of traditional banking mutating into digitalisation and cryptocurrency bank accounts. That's why our users will have the privilege to own seamless arrangements supporting compatible cryptocurrencies.

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